Behold! Pictures of 8 pints of peas. Monday night I did some pea-sorting in addition to my strawberry related activities. I managed to roughly sort them into 4 different groups. In the picture above, at 12 o'clock, these I feel I did the best job of getting into a uniform pile. These peas have a distinct waxy feel to them and instead of being perfectly flat like to assume curvy S-shapes. I believe they are some variety of snow pea. They are tender and tasty just as is.
At 6 o'clock, we have a bowl of what I feel I did the 2nd best job of sorting to homogeneity. These are pretty flat peas, and the actual peas on the inside are quite small. These also are pretty tender and tasty as is. I would probably call them a snow pea, but there were supposed to be snow peas, snap peas, and shell peas, and I saw no indication as to different varieties of snow peas.
Then there is a bowl at 9 o'clock , which in some cases, could have fit into the flat peas at 6 o'clock, but just seemed to have bigger peas inside, and in some cases could have fit into the peas at 3 o'clock, but just didn't seem quite as full. These tended to have more fullness to them, and most of what I thought fit here was also perfectly edible as is. So I am labeling them snap peas.
Finally, at 3 p.m., these are candidates for shell peas, as they seemed to be the fullest, some being really stiff and just packed with pea. I actually haven't tried eating these.
Here's a close up of the 6 p.m. "flat snow peas"