On Friday night we had our neighbors over for dinner and planned to grill lamb chops and chicken breasts. To dress the grilled meat, I made braised radishes and green onions. We had a pretty small bunch of radishes, but the onions cooked down more so it made a nice topping to the meat. I thought the radishes were surprisingly bitter, but Kyle and the guests liked them.

Any suggestions on what to do with radish greens? Are they garbage? The greens are in good shape (not bruised or torn), so I wonder if we could use them.

Our strawberries looked amazingly good, so Kyle cleaned and trimmed those as soon as we got them on Friday afternoon and they didn't last long. We made a salad on Saturday with our bag of salad mix, sliced strawberries, walnuts, and sliced chicken from Friday night.

In two days we've taken care of the the radishes, strawberries, and mix
ed salad.