Hey, look at this, a travel post on a travel-ish blog! I spent the weekend in Orange Beach, Alabama, with friends to celebrate some special upcoming nuptials. It stormed off and on all weekend, but that was probably good. It kept us from roasting ourselves for 10 hours each day!
The storms blew in quickly and blew out almost as quickly so there was plenty of beach time available each day and bad Lifetime movies in the interim.
When the weather cleared, it was gorgeous. A little bit of debris on the beach blown in from the storm, but perfectly clear water, just the right temperature. Really, there's no beating the Gulf of Mexico. It was three wonderful days of friends, sand, seafood, and SPF 30 applied very poorly. I don't have a picture, but people, please know that you can't use that Coppertone spray sunscreen casually. You will end up with striped legs. I am not kidding.
Of course, coming home is nice, too. (Though Kyle did ask me if I was more excited about the green tomatoes or the flowers.)