For dinner tonight I grilled chicken legs/thighs from our meat share. I basically followed a recipe from the book "How to Grill", by Steven Raichlen. I used some Corky's barbeque rub (a wedding present, along with the book) to coat the chicken, let that sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes, then grilled it at 350-400 degrees by indirect heat, turning it a couple of times, and mopping it every 5 minutes or so with a vinegar mix-- 1 cup white vinegar, 1/2tbs kosher salt, 1tsp ground pepper, 2 small red spring onions, sliced, and a good dose of tiger sauce, whisked to dissolve salt and mix. I let this go for about 45 minutes, before slathering on some sweet baby ray's bbq sauce and putting it in direct heat for 2 or 3 minutes per side.
On the side, I grilled us some corn (not from our farm share). I've done it in this general manner several times, pulling off the outermost dry husks and removing the silks from the end so they don't burn, then grilling over pretty direct heat until the outside is charred good. This time I modified my procedure slightly by first folding back the husks and pre-buttering the corn, then re-covering with the husks, and grilling as usual. This way all I had to add was salt when it came off the grill. Worked pretty nicely. Here's a pic of the corn fresh off the grill.
As a side, Alli cooked up both of our varieties of kale-- at least we think they are both kale, though as you can see, they look different. Feel free to vote on whether they were in fact both kale. She sweated about 3 mini white onions, sliced, with some olive oil and minced garlic. The kale was de-stemmed, torn into small pieces, and boiled for ~5 minutes, then added to sweated onions with a dash or two of salt. She would have added vinegar, but she's having tooth issues after a new filling, and vinegar makes her unhappy. I doctored mine with some red wine vinegar and more tiger sauce, and they were quite yum, I think one of our better uses of kale thus far.
I got rave reviews on the chicken.