We picked up our 2nd month's share of meat on June 28th, so as not to conflict with the July 4th holiday.
Here's what we got:

2.46 lb ground beef
lamb sausage - 3 links ~1 lb
beef franks - 7
bacon - 1 lb+
ham hocks - 2
chicken breast - 1
beef top round steak - 1.3 lb
pork sausage

There's been a little mixup about pork-- we don't want pork... except bacon, and that's what we got 1st month, but apparently that was coincidence and we were actually on a pork plan. This month as you see we received some pork, but that's okay, Alli will be happy to eat it. We think it's straightened out now.
We still haven't used our t-bone or chicken legs from last month's share.