Our friends Dan and Jen left town and offered to let us take care of their puppy while they are gone. You can see in the pictures why we took them up on it. We're also staying at their place since it's nicer than ours, comes with a dishwasher, and any potential puppy-damage is restricted to their home. His name is Kenzie, he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, about a year old, and just as sweet as can be.
He likes to play fetch with his toys, and can be seen holding one here:
He loves to curl up in your lap and take a nap while you watch TV:
I had to edit the post to add this picture. This is twice now that this has happened-- it's been raining a lot here lately, so I've had to take Kenzie out for his business in the rain. I try to keep him dry with my umbrella, but it's not working so well. We get back inside and he heads straight for his doggie bed to try and dry off and get warm. I pick up a big towel and wrap him up in it, and he gives the most appreciative look you can imagine, and then just kind of melts in your arms. It's pretty adorable, worth the walk in the rain.Maybe one day we can get one of our own, a culmination to my life-long attempts to acquire my own puppy (including a public-speaking presentation in middle school entitled "Why everyone should have a dog", for which I received a superior rating at the state level, but was unable to coerce my dad into getting me one).