UPDATE: If you really want to keep up with our progress (Ma), feel free to make a regular check of our stats on this spreadsheet.
note: if you are curious what the column for KP planche training is about, watch this video. Currently planche training means those pseudo pushups, the comments will inform you if I ever progress beyond them.

I've been on a bit of a push up kick for a while now, ever since this New York Times article came out raving about the push up and how great it is. By "push up kick," I mean I'm a fan of the push up. Yay push ups! I don't mean that I'm really doing any or otherwise insulting the push up by taking part in any poor imitations. I respect the push up too much for that sort of thing.

But then I found this and decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and be challenged. So I emailed Kyle on Friday to tell him that we should do the Hundred Push Up Challenge. He asked me when I got home if I was really serious. I was. He asked me if I wanted to start right away. I did not. You can't do push ups on Fridays. It's not respectful.

But today we started. We did the diagnostic test: what is the absolute most push ups can you do with good form? I can do 8, apparently. I wanted to do less, but Kyle said I was not exhausted. He actually thinks I could do more and that maybe I don't really know the meaning of exhausted.

Kyle can do 35. Because he is the brains AND the brawn in this relationship.