Week 4--why do I feel like these farm shares are speeding up? Oh, probably because I lost the whole weekend to wedding happiness and travel drama. Our friend Charles picked up our farm share for us on Friday and we got:
mini red and white onions
garlic scapes
1 enormous cucumber
1 squash
1 zucchini
1 cabbage head
1 head green leaf lettuce
2 bunches of kale (we think?)

We also got another pint of strawberries, but Charles took those off our hands since they wouldn't have lasted until Tuesday. For lunch this morning I made two salads featuring lettuce, turnips from last week, cilantro, and slices of that monstrous cucumber.

For dinner, Kyle is making something involving cabbage (he's shredding it now), those mini red onions, and that's all I know so far.

We've got three nights to use the rest of this...