We haven't posted as much this past week, partly because we haven't done a good job of using everything, and partly because it was a lot of snacking stuff.

The main leftovers were our 2 bunches of chard. A week old now, the leaves were kind of wilty, but just a few bad places. I removed these, washed, and separated the stalks from the leaves. I cooked a couple slices of bacon, removed them, and added the stems, sauteed these for a couple minutes, and added the chard leaves along with the greens from our radishes. All of this had been washed, spun in our salad spinner, then re-wet just a little so there was some moisture. I covered everything and let it simmer for about 20-30 minutes, then added back the crumbled bacon. yum as usual-- the radish greens are a nice flavor addition, they're a little bit peppery-- and since I like to add a pepper sauce and vinegar, they just cut out a little bit of that, they're pre-peppered greens. Chard stems are very good by the way.other stuff from last week we didn't mention:

  • cherry tomatoes + lettuce -- made a few small salads, then snacked on remnant tomatoes.
  • green beans -- I cooked about half of these with one of our ham hocks unused heretofore. I pretty much just threw it all in a pot with enough water and boiled it, covered it, and let it hang out simmering for an hour or so. The ham hock came straight from the freezer too--handy.We have not used the other half of the green beans, but they seem to be keeping well.
  • blueberries -- I made some pancakes while Alli was down on the Cape for a day, then we snacked on them the rest of the week.I look forward to a blueberry cobbler from Alli this week.
With the knowledge that we were a bit lazy last week about using everything effectively, AND the fact that we are heading out on Friday for a Big Wedding, you'd think we would have done better this weekend sorting and planning. But... not so much.

Sunday (and today for lunch for Alli) we made an old standby: lentils and rice. We cook lentils and rice (1:2 ratio) with enough water to be fully absorbed, then top it with red wine vinegar and a generous helping of Parmesan. Yesterday we added a handful of (farm share) basil as well. It was a good, creamy lunch on a rainy weekend.
And finally, we bought a baguette and snacked on slices topped with mild Brie, sliced radishes, and a sprinkling of salt. The radishes add just the right amount of peppery crunch.