We used the neat black rice we bought at C-Mart to make some sweet sticky black rice. I just cooked it in my rice cooker (brown rice setting). While it was cooking, I used one of the cans of coconut milk we purchased- tossed it in a sauce pan, added a half cup sugar, a half teaspoon salt, and stirred it and heated it until everything was dissolved good. Once the rice was done, we filled a bowl, ladled over the sweet coconut milk sauce to our satisfaction, and tossed in a few frozen strawberries and some store-bought frozen mango (the heat from the rice and coconut milk made quickly thawed it to a nice consistency).
I thought it was excellent-- the black rice was just a little bit nutty, flavorful, and a good substantive texture without being chewy. It's technically brown rice (bran intact), so this is good for you, right? I had it again this morning for breakfast.