We spent all day on Saturday at Red Fire Farm for the annual Tomato Festival. The festival featured live music throughout the day, cooking demos, grilled corn, homemade pizza with fresh pesto and tomatoes, and plenty of local fruit, veggies, honey, tea, and pickles for sale.

It was a really great day. We got to pick our own herbs, cherry tomatoes, peppers, wildflowers, and other goodies. Plus the the music was good and we had a nice time visiting with other farm share members.

Kyle's interjection: For those keeping score, we made out with 3 pints of cherry tomatoes (at least 3 varieties, the small round orange ones are our favorite thus far), several small peppers--yet to determine where they all fall on the hotness scale, not quite a full quart of beans, mostly the tongue of fire variety, a half pint of ground cherries (interesting flavor, pretty good), and some basil, chives, and sage. Also of note, they had stevia. I'm not sure if I'd heard of this herb before, but we just tasted some. Both of our reactions--very sweet, then kind of bitter, fake sweetener sweet. Apparently that's what it's good for. We didn't take any, sugar will do just fine, thank you. Coca-Cola is apparently going to be marketing the sweetener derived from this plant next year in the U.S. Also Patrick at the farm gave us a free big red pepper he says is very sweet and good, we haven't tried it yet. And finally we picked about 3 pounds of various heirloom tomatoes, some cherokee purple, green zebra (Kyle's favorite), some small ones covered in peach fuzz, and others whose names we didn't bother to remember. lots of tomatoes for eating. And I caught a grasshopper who was kind enough to pose for photographs.