Can it really be the end of Week 8, two months? Summer goes by too quickly. We got some fun new things today:
radishes (lots of them)
6 ears of corn
collards - the leaves are crinkly, different from collards I have seen, the guy called them dragon something or other
2 bunches of beets with greens
one little summer squash
more green beans
three small tomatoes
several large baking potatoes

One of the most interesting things this week is a purple bell pepper. I don't know if it's an heirloom variety or what, but it's a nice color and it is ripe.
We also got a "muskmelon." I had to Wikipedia that one. It seems muskmelon is the species from which we've cultivated cantaloupe, honey dew, and several other varieties that I'm not familiar with. Ours looks and smells and tastes like cantaloupe. So I don't know if it is a cantaloupe, or if it's one of the other varieties that is just very very similar. It was called muskmelon at the stand, so that's all I've got to go on. It is very, very ripe (check out the rind, no green) so it got cut up and into the fridge right away.

Total weight was 19.8lbs, for those keeping score.

In other news, Kyle is a Scrabble Master.