In addition to our 2 year anniversary sunset cruise, this year we planned to stay at home and try to knock a few items off of our list of things to do in Boston. In the end we only managed a couple of them, but it was a fun Labor Day weekend, and I'm finally getting a chance to write it up.

Saturday we took another boat to visit Spectacle Island. This is one of several Boston Harbor islands, and it has a varied history. It had 2 hotels which apparently were closed down for "illicit" activities in 1857, then housed a horse rendering plant and a trash incinerator, then just all the trash from Boston without any incineration. What's really surprising is people lived there during the time that it was used as a landfill. Then when the Big Dig needed somewhere to dump its dirt, they found a great use for it, covered over all the toxic and household waste and made the island into more of a nature reserve with walking trails and nice views. The boat ride takes about 30 minutes and then we spent the next 4 hours just walking around, especially on the beach collecting pretty sea glass and china shards and trying to identify various mollusks. Here's some glass (which you are not allowed to take home):

And then here is an example of the mollusks: At first glance, just a bunch of rocks, right? Look closer. See the small pebbles perched in the millions on the larger rocks. Yeah, those are snails. They are everywhere. Once you realize that, you start to think a little more carefully about your next step. There were also tons of mussels.

Sunday we got together with Philip and Emily and drove to Pawtucket, RI to watch the PawSox play. They are a farm team for the Red Sox. Tickets cost $6. Beers and food are reasonably priced. Parking is $2. And the baseball isn't all bad either. Sox won 2-1 against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and we had a grand time just visiting with friends. Sunday we had a Labor Day cookout at Ruth's new house with our church small group (and failed to take any worthwhile pictures). We did, however, stop by another favorite spot for a creamy dessert finale to the weekend.