I know Charleston was two weeks ago now, but I wanted to add a few pictures from our visit. We got to see so many precious friends and Charleston was just gorgeous (after the rain that stranded us in Atlanta on Friday, of course).

Ashley, Grant, and Rachel at Kiawah Island where Grant works. This is his office! Stunning.

Their older daughter, Layla, does tricks for us.

Cristen and Josh and Lexi (their Weimaraner puppy) drove down to see us! We were so happy to get to spend some time with them!
Rachel is thinking, "You are sick, woman, put me down!" At this point I didn't know how sick I was though. Sanctuary on Kiawah. Look at this place! That lawn is probably in better shape than many golf courses. I hated to walk on it!
Finally, one of the Ocean Course residents kept an eye on us while we took a golf cart tour of Grant's course.