We aren't done with the blog just because we got our last delivery of veggies. For starters, we have to use up what we have and I know you are all waiting with bated breath to see how that works out. Secondly, we hope to one day write more about travel than just recounting our misadventures in the Atlanta airport.

But back to food. Last week I had the cold to end all colds, which did not lend itself to really creative meal planning. After returning from Charleston on Monday night, Kyle treated me to Thai takeout on Tuesday in hopes that all of that chili and ginger and chili would beat the congestion into submission. I think it helped some, and was delicious regardless.

On Wednesday, I made a crock pot roast to make a dent in the root vegetables. I used 5 large carrots, a bulb of garlic, an onion, and 3 hefty potatoes along with a meat share roast.

I thought it turned out sort of bland, but Kyle promised it was good. It needed a lot more salt than I used, and I should have added cornstarch or arrowroot to thicken the gravy. It was certainly hearty and filling and easy, though, and it served me well in my convalescence.

On Thursday (I think, days spent lying on the couch and coughing out your tonsils run together), I made another squash and leek risotto, this time with butternut squash and 3 leeks. Our friend Ruthie suggested an oven risotto with butternut squash and pancetta that looks fantastic, but I was feeling sick and lazy and wanted to do something I had done before. No worries though, I still have three butternut and 2 other mystery squash to use, so I am still very much open to winter squash recipe ideas.

So far I've heard of a butternut squash and ginger soup and of using diced butternut squash in lieu of beans in chili. Both sound good, but let me know if you have any other ideas!