We have been eating something besides cupcakes. I promise.

On the grill, from the farm share, and via our favorite grill cookbook:

  • Lamb tenderloin chops
  • T bone w/ Brazilian collards (much faster than traditional collards and good!)
  • Grilled leg of lamb (Good, but Kyle didn't think this was worth the effort, I don't think)
  • Beer can chicken and kale chips (I over-salted them, but they could be good)
Quickly becoming favorite standbys:
Something new:
  • chicken in milk: This is a Jamie Oliver recipe and it was really good. I'm really tempted by the Kitchn's Southeast Asian adaptation though. We got another chicken in yesterday's farm share, so I might have to make this before I lose my oven.
  • braised mussels: This could not have been easier. And so very good!
  • Kyle creation: pasta w/ cheese sauce, mushrooms, cabbage. Yum.
  • Kyle creation: bluefish broiled with jalapenos and lemon. Yum again.
One fancy Easter dinner:
  • to start:Prosciutto wrapped pears with Gorgonzola cream sauce
  • salad:Spring pea salad with radishes and feta
  • main course: Laura's spiced salmon steaks
  • dessert: Drunken berries over lemon pound cake