Let's just say it got worse before it got better.

Here is our stuff in the shop.

We ordered some papa john's, had a quick dinner. And then they kicked us out. So we moved all of that to the patio out front, next to another race car and assorted stuff. Photo to come.

Then it got dark. I had Alli put on my hat and try to talk in a deeper voice, and I brandished my umbrella menacingly while the local kids rode by on bikes or walked by, barefoot, inquisitively. Our guide did not want to leave our car outside, citing the local hoodlums, but he was okay with leaving us and our lives out there.

A local cat came and kept us company. We shared pizza. Ray (the owner) came by to check on us.

And then, mercifully, Melissa arrived, having borrowed Jodi's SUV, large enough to carry all of that stuff, and we were rescued. Chad made us a nice place to stay in Nashville, and now we are on the road to Lexington.

We still have to figure out what to do with the car that we left 2.5 (soon to be 5) hrs behind us.

Dang. I had a nice photo of us sitting outside with our stuff, right beneath the sign that says "not responsible for theft or fire". Unfortunately, snapture (my jailbroken iphone app for taking photos that works better than the legit apple version except for recently when it has started eating photos) chose not to save that photo.