(Who is this?)

This is Kyle.

(What do you want?)

I was texting you about an apartment?

(Who is this?)

This is Kyle

(Were you texting me about an apartment?)


(Not done yet, being renovated. Never mind that I listed it as available in the paper.)

When’s it going to be done being renovated?

(Never mind that, where are you from?)

United States

(How long have you been here?)

About six days.

(6 minutes?)

Six days.

(Let me show you the super lovely one at Clementi)

Yeah, I’ve seen that one actually. No furnishings. That’s not really going to work for us.

(Gosh you're picky, with wanting furniture and all.)

Very nice unit though.

(When do you want to move in?)

We’re pretty flexible. Ideally by July 1.

(How big?)

Three bedroom.

(How many people?)

Just my wife and me, but we need an office.

(I'll ignore this and probably show you 2 bedrooms anyway.)


(Who is this?)

This is Kyle. K-Y-L-E.

(Are you Chinese?)*

No, I’m American.

(Both of you?)

Yeah, we both are.

(What's your pass?)

I’m on an employment pass.

(I'll look for you and I may or may not ever call you back.)

Ok, bye.

* That was the actual question: "Are you Chinese?"