We feel a little bit like we're in limbo, and so we've not posted much because everything right now feels temporary. But in case you're interested in temporary...

We've been here two weeks today. I'm working every day, and that consists of waking up, making our coffee and tea, getting breakfast, and trying to log on to email etc. by 8 or 8:30. Some days I'm done by 5:30 or so, but a few days I've had interviews at 9:30 in the evening (first thing in the morning in the U.S.).

Most mornings we've gone to our local coffeeshop for breakfast to get kaya toast and eggs and coffee and tea. But the eggs are ALWAYS softboiled, which is not our preference, and they make coffee and tea with Carnation sweetened condensed milk, so it's not the best breakfast.

I work either in Eric's office, or at the kitchen table depending on the weather (office=air con; kitchen table=sweaty). Kyle is often gone by lunch, so I've made the old lentils and rice standby a few times, or gone to the coffeeshop again for lunch. Since we're still homeless, we've tried not to spend too much on groceries or staples that would take up space in someone else's fridge.

Until last Saturday, Kyle has been focused on apartments and errands: answering texts from agents in the morning, looking up locations on the Singapore online map, and if the location is good, setting up appointments and going to see places. Even with just a few viewings, that keeps him out of the house most of the day.

Most days we've had a place to view around 8 p.m. or so, so if I didn't need to approve a newsletter at night, or be on a call, I went to meet him after work and we ate dinner around one of the apartments we were viewing to get a feel for the neighborhood, went to the last viewing, and came home on the bus around 10 and fell into bed.

Last Saturday evening, we found a strong prospect. We proposed a price to the owner and he accepted. Now we need to do all the paperwork and exchange money. As our hosts, Emily and Eric, assure us, though, nothing is done until it's done. So while we aren't looking at any more apartments right now, we aren't buying the return address labels either. We don't exactly know what happens next, we're just replying to text messages from the agent and taking this one step at a time. This particular apartment has a move in date of July 15 though, so we'll be homeless for another month at least.

Sunday was our first day with no apartments to view. We went to church (1.5 hours of bus, MRT, bus, and hike to get there) and after the service a nice lady we met dropped us off at Orchard Road (the main shopping/eating drag) and recommended the best nasi lemak place for lunch. We had lunch, and headed home so Kyle could get ready for his evening activity.

nasi lemak on a banana leaf: rice, fried egg wedge, fantastic chicken, a little chili sauce, and a fish. I don't know what the thing at the top left was, but it was pretty good.

Sunday evening, Kyle played soccer with an old MIT teammate in a scrimmage match with a local team looking for new players. It was hot, but it was soccer nonetheless. He came home that night and took a cold shower and it still took hours to cool off.

On Monday we spent the day straightening up and doing laundry in preparation for Emily and Eric to get home late Monday night. On Tuesday we ran errands and got lunch with them (Subway) and did work and just hung out. Monday night Eric cooked dinner: stir fried chicken and veggies with noodles.

Yesterday Emily and I both really needed to get work done, so she took me to the Singapore National Library to work and I really enjoyed the view from the 9th floor, free wireless, and a nice air conditioned spot to spread out. We're going back today.