My wife is medium tough. It's sort of a joke we have with regard to her willingness to try dangerous/scary/potentially painful scenarios.

Ever since deciding we'd move to Singapore, I've thought it would be a lot of fun for us to both get bikes and be able to go on rides together. She has constantly reminded me of how many years it has been since her last biking foray, but ultimately we agree that if there is a whole phrase dedicated to the widely held belief that once you learn, you don't forget, a medium tough girl can handle it.

Although the heat, traffic, and various other factors have lessened that desire to purchase our own bikes right away, I still wanted to give this a go. Additionally, it would be quite sad to spend big bucks on a nice bike only to have Alli decide it wasn't for her and she would never ride with me. So last weekend we took another trip down to East Coast Park and rented some bicycles for a couple of hours.

As is easily seen in photos, the phrase is true! Alli had not forgotten how to ride a bike.

There was a brief period as we were getting started when some little tykes were showing off their skills, kind of taunting Alli really: "see how easy it is!" Alli reminded them that they have training wheels and that is not fair! but yea, once she got up and on and moving, it was a breeze!

We proceeded to go on a roughly 16 km round trip expedition down the coast, all the way to and from Changi airport, and we were only a little sore the next day.

Wait for me, Alli!