...are both attainable in Singapore. Perhaps I should amend that title to read: *good* beer and sausage, as that's really the key. Actually, good beer isn't too terribly hard to find at all, so long as you're willing to pay for it. For $6 - $7 at the grocery you can get a good Erdinger dunkel or dunkel weisse, and if you trek to Carrefour you can get fancier names like Chimay. I mean, nothing compares to downtown liquors in Davis Square, Cambridge--and I miss Trader Joe's with their Trader Jose dark, what was it a 6-pack for like $6? I should be clear that while these good beers do exist, 99% of what you see is the likes of Tiger, Singha, Leo, etc. light pilsners that are slight steps upward of Bud. Dark beers are shining gems here.

There are a few breweries which make very nice beer as well: Archipelago, Brewerkz, Red Dot, Tawandang (combining Thai food with dark German beer), I think there are even a couple others that I haven't been to yet--just expect to pay at least twice as much for a beer here as anything you can find in the grocery.

Anyway, Alli and I had a semi-date night Saturday where we went for German beer and food, at a place called Brauhaus, basement of United Square, Novena. I had a franziskaner dunkel. Not terribly exotic, but a darn good beer nonetheless. They had a very solid selection, beers from all over, many I had not heard of (see wall of beer bottles behind me in photo above), but I decided to go with a sure winner.
And then of course we had a plate of sausage, some brezel, and Camembert cheese. Oh and if you were concerned they had wine for Alli too. good stuff.