You may have noticed some rearranging around here. I eventually created a test blog so you weren't subject to every HTML tweak, but I think I finally have things how I want them.

We have photo albums built into the template, which is what started this whole redesign in the first place. They're up there by the title; I like them. :) We've got the nav bar that I really wanted with a new Maps button. Fancy! We've got search that works, and fun label buttons at the bottom of the page. We have the full TIF quote (which was much requested) and we have our desktop, so it feels like home.

I could continue to tweak and edit and scoot and polish indefinitely (for instance, I really don't think the Dr. Pepper is getting the recognition it deserves on the desktop, and if you open the page and everything looks too big, click the Home button and things will go back to normal), but I'm letting it go. Yay, Travel is Fatal has a new Fall look, and I hope you like it.

Now I'll get back to actually blogging. Hey, I went to Hong Kong. There are pictures in the first photo album!