Last week our friends Eric and Emily moved back to the US. This is the couple that hosted us the very first time we came to Singapore in November 2007 and let us stay with them for a month when we arrived this time and were looking for an apartment. We spent some time the week before I went to Hong Kong helping them out by taking bag-loads of stuff home with us and helping pack a little. Eventually they came and spent a couple of nights here before they left.

Obviously we can relate to packing up your lives in one country and moving to another with just the suitcases that fit on the plane--though 1. we had a storage unit so everything for us wasn't either dispose of or take on the plane, and 2. somehow they got FAR more suitcases on the plane than we did. :)

We were so incredibly blessed with the help of our friends in Boston, and so we were happy to cart, store, pack, and provide Dr. Peppers as much as we could. They have been a huge blessing to us as well, helping us settle in and figure out our new lives here. They will be missed!

The Franks do tricks to ensure their inclusion on the bags.