In lieu of our own posts, here are some friends' posts of some of our US adventures: 
the Marathon from Jamie
the Red Sox game from Jamie
Visiting Sophie & Jodi
Saying goodbye to Sophie & Jodi w/ Nana

Days in the US: 24
Beds in which we've slept: 9
Birthday cakes eaten: 2
Chipotle meals: 4 (2 each)
Formaggio Kitchen cheeses: 2
Times I've looked the wrong way when crossing the street: countless
Sailing excursions: 3
Times Kyle almost ended up in the Charles River while sailing: 1
Marathons seen and cheered for: 1
New babies met: 1
Babies turned toddler: 4
Pregnancies revealed: 5 (one with twins!)
Drinks with business advice and brainstorming: 1
Local Tacos eaten: 4 (2 each)
New homes seen and toured: 2
Old labs visited: 1
Labmates met at the Muddy Charles: 13
Different cars driven: 4
times grilling: 2
Trader Joe's cheap yum beer: 1
baseball games watched at Fenway: 1 Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay
NCAA playoff basketball games watched: 2
soccer games watched: 1 MIT Grad team
time with friends and family: not enough, but so precious!