It's probably wrong of me to give this its very own post considering what we have failed to write special posts for during our US trip, but I'm doing it anyway.

On 2 separate occasions in the US, we came across a wall of single beers similar to this (ignore the domestic at the bottom), with the instructions to pick 6 for $9.  And, for the few that care, I apologize that I snapped this on iphone and you can probably identify no more than perhaps 5 beers here, but it is a wall of seriously good beer.  And I *love* the variety.  Even bigger kick, several of these beers are *more* expensive if you were to purchase just a 6-pack of it.  This one was at a whole foods in Nashville, but Kroger in Aiken has the same deal.  I managed to try probably 3 beers I'd never had before on each occasion.  I miss this.  I'm not even going into the drool-inducing wide-eyed longing that walking through the rest of whole foods induced (the cheeses, the prepared foods, the thick slabs of red meat, the produce section, so much FOOD...)

So ah, somebody go to whole foods and buy 6 of these on my behalf.
Feel free to post descriptions of your satisfaction here.