[Kristen and Tim had a little video camera with them and were much better at using theirs than we are, so be prepared for several videos because I stole all their files before they left. But they're going to be out of order because I can't seem to get everything to edit.]

Kristen and Tim came to spend a long weekend with us after our dive and we had such a good time with them! We made it a point to do some of the more touristy things with them that we haven't done yet in Singapore. One of those things is the fish spa. We've seen them all over Southeast Asia, but hadn't yet ventured in until we could share the experience with Kristen and Tim.

What is a "fish spa" you ask? Well, it's this:

Basically, you put your feet in a tank of baby piranhas and they eat at your feet--small bites only.

Ok, they aren't actually baby piranhas. They are nicknamed Dr. Fish and they were originally discovered in a hot spring near Kangal, Turkey. The spa boasts that the Dr. Fish are a natural form of exfoliation, and that the micro-massage sensation promotes blood circulation. They even claim that the fishies can lighten minor scars and ease psoriasis and eczema.

I don't know about all of that, but it was quite an experience.

(My favorite Fish Spa picture because both Kristen and Kyle look like they can't decide if they should laugh or cry.)

Fish Spa from K+A on Vimeo.

Toward the end of our 30 minutes (we did stay the whole time) we were all quite enjoying it. If nothing else it made for a hilarious afternoon!