A few weeks ago, Alli and I finally took a trip to visit the Jurong bird park.  We'd attended the Night Safari with Tim and Kristen while they visited, but gone ahead and purchased a multi-park pass including this.  It is a very well laid out park with many very colorful exotic birds that you can often get quite close to, as you'll see...

There was a show complete with birds swooping into the crowd, and one showing he could count to ten in English and Chinese and sing various songs in both languages.  Alli even got to be part of the show:
I decided to see if this bird would mind, should I take a nibble from his papaya.  He seemed confused by the whole thing.

The exhibit on lorries especially allowed for up close encounters, as you could feed the birds:
Sometimes they are messy eaters and will fight over the food and splash it all over Alli:

Other times they will mistake the shiny surface of your sunglasses as a source of further food, and perch atop your head:

Did I mention there were some colorful exotic birds?