We are not so frequent with the blog. Mainly that's because regular life stuff has been happening and we don't blog about regular life that much. (Spoiler Alert: we go to work and come home and go to bed and start over). Anyway, here's a story about non-regular life!

While Kyle was in Stockholm experiencing seasons, my dear friend Charlotte came to hang out with me. "Came" of course entails two 24 hour plane rides, so this was no small thing. (Dear Charlotte, thank you so much for flying by yourself to see me! Love, Alli)

We celebrated together-ness by doing lots of talking and walking around Singapore. We hit the major highlights, including the Singapore Merlion which is symbol of the country:

Hilariously, I said "Oh, that's the merlion" and Charlotte thought I'd just made that up, that it was a joke. She didn't realize that 1. that's actually the name of that creature (to whatever extent a half lion half mermaid can have an "actual" name) and 2. it's a big deal to Singaporeans.

We spent one day on Sentosa touring the World War II British fort (that didn't work out so well, since Japan took the island) and getting some beach time.

We had fancy afternoon tea and Singapore Slings at the Fullerton Hotel, something I've always wanted to do.

And of course we went to the fish spa. Because the fish spa is a hilarious place to take visitors. Before fish therapy:

And during fish therapy:

I love those crying/laughing pictures.