We spent Sunday afternoon at the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya, or the Giraffe Centre, another wildlife conservation organization based in Nairobi whose main mission is to help in wildlife education and conservation. (The giraffe's main enemy is man and they are killed for their hides.)

Visitors can feed some of the giraffes from a viewing platform at the Centre, and it was amazing to see these animals up close.

To go with their very long necks, giraffes have very long tongues. This little guy was using his to snag some giraffe treats, even though he wasn't quite tall enough to stick his head inside the platform. 

One of the giraffes we met was extremely friendly. Giraffe kissing, anyone? Kyle was game.

And I think there's some rule... if your husband kisses a giraffe, and you plan to ever kiss your husband again, you might as well join in.

(At least two other tourists went home with a picture of me giraffe-smooching.)

This was definitely our closest wildlife encounter in Kenya. On Monday morning we headed south to the Masai Mara National Reserve, hoping to see more animals. But we really didn't want to get this close...