There's something we've been meaning to rave about: Changi airport. They have instituted a new immigration procedure for residents and it is brilliant. And so easy. And we love it.

I would have pictures except that's probably illegal. So instead I will just tell you about it.

It's like self checkout at the grocery ( which we don't have here). You walk up to the lane and confirm for the nice lady overseeing 5 or 6 lanes that you are in fact a resident and not a wayward tourist. Slide your passport and the first gate opens. Enter the "pen" and let the scanner read your thumbprint. "Bon voyage!" The screen tells you, greeting you by name, and the second gate opens and you're in! When you return to Singapore, repeat. "Welcome to Singapore, Alli" the friendly screen says.

And that's it. No lines, no waiting, no cranky immigration, maybe 3 minutes total.

When Singapore does something right they really do it right.

(Although this is a bit random, this is not a paid advertisement. We just happen to spend a lot of time in airports and as Kyle said today, "that was painless!" We are fans of painless.)