We're still trying to get to Malaysia on our bikes. It's a goal now. So last weekend [the weekend before the dive trip] we tried another route.

To East Coast Park

19.54 miles round trip / 31.44 km (I wasn't feeling 100% so it was a short trip.) 

Yes, I am aware that Malaysia is NORTH of Singapore and this route has us headed SOUTH, but as we mentioned last time we biked to Malaysia, we can't cross the main bridge on bikes. Instead, we need to take a ferry and the ferries are on the eastern tip of the island. So we thought the best bet might be to head south to East Coast Park, and wrap around the island in the park.

This has the added advantage that East Coast Park is really lovely in a lot of ways. There were people camping and fishing and flying kites. There's a boardwalk area with lots of restaurants, bike rental places, and drink stands. We took a break and hung out by the beach for a while, and then had dinner at an Indian restaurant in the park before we came home.

It is slightly less lovely only in that there are a ton of people hanging out at the park on Sunday and they don't all respect the bike path. But we didn't hit anyone, so yay for that.

Still haven't actually made it to Malaysia, but we're making progress, I think.