We got out of town again this weekend, but this time we only went as far as the tip of Singapore. We went for a weekend retreat with our friends from church and stayed in colonial bungalows on Changi beach. The weather was really lovely and we spent most of the weekend outside enjoying our friends and a little quiet time.

We were close to the Changi boardwalk, so along with some friends I walked down by the ocean and enjoyed the view of the sea and Pulau Ubin with not a freighter in sight.

And stuck around long enough to enjoy the sunset.

Kyle, however, stayed back at the bungalow. The bungalows were equipped with a BBQ pit; you know Kyle had to get some of that. We made burgers and brats and Nepalese grilled chicken and veggie kabobs and mango salad and orzo salad. At some point in the preparation, Germaine said that she sensed a definite "Go Big or Go Home" theme. That wasn't our intention necessarily; it's just the only way we know how to do things. But even with an awesome spread, the biggest hit was still probably the grilled banana splits.