We knew this trip was going to end well when we discussed the itinerary with James and Germaine after church a couple of weeks ago:

"So what's our plan?"

"To do nothing."

"To do nothing."

"To do nothing."

"Good, then we're agreed."

James and Germaine generously invited us to share in a free beach holiday that they'd gotten through a referral program. We had 4 days and 3 nights in a two bedroom villa on the north of Phuket island in Thailand. We just needed to show up (it's an hour and a half flight) and chill out. We arrived the morning after Christmas and got home today. And we made sure to fully execute our previously agreed-upon plan. (G's version of the trip is here. She backs me up 100%).

We did nothing on the beach. 

We did nothing in the ocean.

We did nothing on kayaks.

And we did nothing on a great little catamaran (hooray sailing!).

Then we ate lots of surprisingly good Thai food (surprising for a resort, not surprising that Thai food is good) and lots of ice cream.

We all got a bit of sun, but thankfully Germaine had us covered with after-sun treatments.

It was a wonderful, wonderful post-Christmas break. A HUGE thank you to James and Germaine for letting us in on the deal. We had a great time doing nothing with you.

(These are all Germaine's pictures because part of my "doing nothing" included taking no pictures, apparently.)