We use the blog partially as a substitute for our memories. (I think I may have mentioned this before.) And I just realized that I did a horrible job of memorializing Kyle's birthday (and mine) on the blog. This long post will be very boring to everyone else, but you know what they say: pictures or it didn't happen! Plus with Hamish on the way, these may be our last real birthdays anyway. :)

So... Kyle turned 32 in February!

On Thursday before his Sunday birthday we celebrated with cake with our small group. I made homemade chess squares I was going to bring. But they came out of the oven as chess soup instead. Which was not at all the consistency I was going for. After panicked text messages to our friends, a cake was procured.

My first attempt at cake delivery was thwarted by the fan.

Photo from Grace

But then I was successful and we sang and clapped and Kyle blew out candles.

Again, photo from Grace. 

Once the weekend arrived, we spent Saturday doing birthday-type-things. First Kyle enjoyed an hour and a half massage at Ayuthaya Spa at the Pan Pacific Orchard. I hung out and read while he relaxed because this was all for the birthday boy.

Then we headed to Robertson Quay for dinner. We stopped first at Brussels Sprouts to sit by the river and enjoy a fine Belgian beer--one of the best places for good imports in Singapore. Then wandered down the quay for dinner at Epicurious.

Amazingly, my chess-square-soup solidified and turned out pretty tasty, so we had birthday treats all weekend. Kyle also got a birthday t-shirt that I think is hilarious, but turns out it fits me better than it fits him. Hmmm.

And apropos of nothing... this also happened in February and is awesome: 

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Kyle and Baby John
Now for my birthday (see: blog=memory)...

Kyle stretched it out over all week... The weekend before we went out for a great dinner at Etna @ Duxton, an Italian place that Kyle's boss suggested. Everything was good, but the pasta course--spinach and ricotta ravioli with a butter sage sauce--was incredible.

On Monday I got a birthday presents. Tuesday, May 1, was Labour Day in Singapore, so Kyle had the day "off". He went into work that afternoon, of course, but we did spend a lazy morning at home and he made me birthday homemade blueberry pancakes. They were amazing.

On Wednesday morning it was back to work as usual, but Kyle brought us mini cakes for breakfast. Funny enough, our fan also blew out his first attempt at a birthday candle, so it took him two tries too!

On Wednesday night we went to see an apartment (that we got, Hooray, Hamish won't be a homeless baby!!) and stopped for ice cream at Island Creamery, which is a favorite. They have a free scoop on your birthday, but sadly I didn't realize that until after we'd paid. They told me they'd be happy to give me another one, but I didn't need any more ice cream.

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Thursday we again celebrated with the DG. Kristin's birthday is the 3rd, so the celebration was for both of us, except neither one of us was there! I had a conference call that night and she was out celebrating, but as Germaine said: any excuse for a cake! Everyone sang and Kyle blew out our candles and Reuben sent me the video after the fact. And Kyle brought some cake home. 

With that, the birthday was officially over, but we took advantage of the fact that Cinco de Mayo is the weekend after my birthday to go out for Mexican. Because I do love Mexican. I enjoyed a very large virgin mojito and Kyle had habanero beer (which wasn't that spicy, actually).

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Happy 32nd to both of us. Now let's go have a baby and become adults and such.