Amanda and some of the girls from our DG hosted a lovely Baby Shower Tea for Hamish and me last weekend. I love a formal tea and the Fullerton Bay Hotel, where Amanda hosted it, is absolutely gorgeous. We ended up sitting and chatting (and eating!) for hours, and it was a great time with friends.

Special thanks to Aurelia, Ruth, and Amanda for these photos. I didn't even bring a camera, so all of these pictures were shared by them! 

The Fullerton Bay Hotel's Landing Point restaurant where tea is served.

Our corner table and the view of Marina Bay and the Marina Bay Sands. Aurelia took this before we all arrived.

Joy and me with the food. In addition to a large menus of actual tea (the drink), you also get a never-ending supply of little cakes and tarts and scones and sandwiches and eclairs and more. Hence the talking and eating for hours. They just keep filling up the trays! It's so yummy!

Everyone but Aurelia (who is taking the picture): Joy, Hamish and me, Kristin, Amanda and Ruth. This is before we really dug in and there was food everywhere.

Then lots of chatting.

Finally, very sweet gifts for Hamish including his/her first July 4th outfit! Amanda (who is Canadian) was in the US for work recently, and she picked up this onesie and a cute star-spangled hat. She said she thought of us because Kyle and I are just so... American. Ha. I'm going to take that as a compliment.

We are so blessed here with great friends. Thank you, girls!