Jodi told me I'm a bad Mommy blogger. I haven't recorded (or even photographed) many of Hamish's first experiences. So here are some of her seconds. Or thirds. Or something. In case it didn't occur to me to take pictures earlier.

Here's her second Sunday in church. She's sporting a name tag, which she spit up on and I had a horrible time getting a spit up-soaked sticker off of her outfit. Is this why they always put name tags on kids' backs? No more name tags for Hamish.

Dinner out... this is a first--the first time both Hamish and I had dinner out at the same time. She did great thanks to her stylish dinner tent that Mimi sent her. We went to the Queen and Mangosteen to celebrate, a restaurant we like where we went for our third anniversary (pictures in the third year video, should you need one).

Sushi! I  missed any actual raw fish for our Christmas Eve Sushi this year, though in looking back at that post I see that we were coy about that fact. Of that lovely spread, I only ate the cooked parts. Anyway, we went out for sushi close to home when she was about two weeks old. She chilled in the Moby the whole time, only stirring to fend off the paparazzi.

Major US Holiday... another actual first. Hamish celebrated the 4th of July with costume changes! Doesn't she look festive? Thanks to Germaine and Amanda who made sure she celebrated in style. She wore her July 4th onesie to the US Embassy to get her passport too. There was an interview and she wanted the foreign services officer to know that she was seriously patriotic.

Hamish's second baby shower! Our Boston small group sent us a "shower in a box" which we opened on the 4th of July. We got outfits, and loveys, and finger puppets, and blankets, and all kinds of goodies. There's even a present waiting for us at home! So many fun and cute things.We have been blown away with the generosity of all of our friends!

Her second bottle. No pictures of the first one because I was too busy being a little sad. However, she and Daddy had a good time. We try to get in a few practice bottles of expressed milk a week just to get her used to the idea for when they become a necessity. She's been really good about them so far.

Second (or third? maybe?) DG. Our small group here made the EXTREMELY generous decision to meet at our house since Hamish has been born. It's been so great for us mentally and spiritually to still be part of the regular Bible study and to have our normal fellowship, while being able to stay at home. Hamish is the first small group baby (though Amanda and Reuben are expecting in September!) and our friends have jumped in to welcome her, even when she loudly tries to enter the discussion. (Her contributions, while profound I'm sure, are not really accessible for the rest of us.) She usually goes to pray with the boys and here's Uncle Bryan (whose wedding she attended at two weeks) getting some hands on practice at gentle baby-swinging.

So there you go, a whole slew of pictures and updates. This also pretty well summarizes our life these days. The only big thing not pictured: the massive to do list before we leave the country!!! (Hamish isn't really helping with that...)