We've been back in the US for a week now and we're still on our Hello Tour (similar to the Goodbye Tour, but with a car seat). But before we came back [to the US], we left [Singapore], and as I alluded to earlier, we had a party.

Thankfully, this time the photography was not left to me. Bryan, our dear DG friend who is responsible for all of our nice photos, came to our rescue again and documented the BBQ beautifully.

We had about 50 friends stop by the Saturday before our Friday flight out of Singapore. Our temporary digs at Haw Par Villa came with a really great back area with two BBQ pits, picnic tables, and a pavilion. Our guests had to climb a massive flight of stairs to get there, but once they arrived it was lovely.

Kyle supervised the grilling--brats and chicken and satay and steak and veggies--though our friends did the heavy lifting. And of course there were chips and dips and drinks and ice cream and all kinds of other goodies. We started around 3:00 and people came and went until the evening.

Ever since we arrived in Singapore Kyle had been wanting to host a cookout in East Coast Park. Sadly those logistics were a bit challenging, especially with Hamish, but this was a pretty excellent alternative.

An early view of the party from our apartment window.
Kris, Ruth and Germaine start with ice cream.
James, Kelvin, Randy and Kyle oversee steaks.

Baby John (and Eddy) is eying the spread.
Hamish spent the evening hanging out with all of her friends including Kelvin and Ruth and Kristin.
Amanda and I with our girls.

Kyle showing off the Hamish.

In addition to the last of the home brews, we had some of Kyle's favorites from Brewerkz.
As the night wore on, Kai started doing [questionable] party tricks.
Pei Sze and Kyle worked together in Boston, so she has the singular honor of being at both our Boston AND Singapore going away cookouts.
Sporting our I *heart* SG shirts. Too bad they didn't come in Hamish sizes.