Six days until we leave Singapore, people. So you know what we're doing. We're having a party.

I went back through our archives for evidence that we love a throw down on the very eve of a trans-global move, but it seems last time we did this we didn't take A SINGLE PICTURE. Seriously?!?

[Do YOU have pictures of those going away parties? Anyone?]

In 2009, Kyle defended on Thursday, May 7 (and David took pictures). That night I hosted a party at a bar for anyone and everyone that wanted to buy the new Dr a beer (and took no pictures). The next day I think Kyle had to do post-defense paperwork and I had a meeting at work. Friday night Charlotte arrived to organize us and I only took a picture of her feet. Saturday we had a big BBQ before we packed up the grill (and again took no pictures). That week we packed and piled and listed. Elijah was born on Wednesday. And on Friday we left Boston. And I cried.

Of course, that's when it got really interesting... the car died. We were stranded in Georgia. We had to sell it to the shop and hitch a ride to Tennessee

So this time... it's got to go more smoothly, right? I mean, we're already mostly packed. And there are no theses to defend. And we don't have a car to start with. And we're only having one party this time.

Now there was a monsoon last night when Kyle was trying to make last minute purchases. But it's not raining now...