Even though our "settled" is still only temporary, we love having our suitcases unpacked, our clothes on hangers, and the ability to spread out some. We've been in my hometown for two weeks now and I'm having a lot of fun running into old friends, showing off the baby, and showing Kyle and Hamish the town where I spent my first 18 years.

Today we got the full Fall-in-Tennessee experience. It was homecoming at my high school, so we walked to Main Street to watch the parade this afternoon. (The Freshmen won the float competition and I have to say I was impressed with the middle school band.) Hamish watched from the comfort of her stroller with her buddy, KG.

Then we took advantage of the absolutely gorgeous afternoon to take a ride and photograph Hamish with some of Haywood County's lovely cotton.

Tonight was the homecoming game. We went to a tailgate for a couple of hours, but Hamish was getting sleepy and the line to get into the game was still across the parking lot, so we came home instead. We're pulling for the Tomcats, of course, though!