You know how you make a to do list of things you've already done just so you can check them off? (Everyone does this, right? Not just me?) When you have a lot to do, it's so satisfying to look back at your completed items. (It's also a great form of procrastination.)

To that end... here's a look at our life since it was last calm:  

June 6: big 3 day work event (link to new pic, and photo evidence of my poor, pregnant feet)
June 7: Hamish's due date
June 13: have Hamish
June 30: move from Toa Payoh to Haw Par

~ period of relative calm living in Haw Par ~

August 4: have big going away party
August 9: Singapore's National Day, another party
August 10: fly to America! (link to a new pic)
August 10: South Carolina
August 21: Mississippi
August 26: celebrate 6 years of marriage
August 30: Vandy/South Carolina game in Nashville (link to a new pic)
September 5: back to work
September 8: Sip and See for Hamish in Nashville (link to new photo album)
September 9: move into friend's guesthouse in my hometown (link to new pic)

~ period of relative calm living in hometown ~

Last night: Move out late, to drive to Nashville while Hamish is sound asleep. 
Today: I work; Kyle goes to networking event; we pick up our first Nashville farm share!!
Friday: lunch with friends and my 10 year reunion
Saturday: fly to Boston
Sunday: see Boston friends
Monday: I go to meeting; Kyle moves storage unit into Pod.
Tuesday: fly back to Nashville
Wednesday: Trick or Treating with Hodges Hysteria; possibly get into our new place? sleep on the floor! Whoo hoo!
Thursday: Try to collect Nashville belongings. But that doesn't include any furniture. Piles!!
Friday: Pod delivered with all of our Boston belongings. Maybe? Hopefully some muscle comes to help us unload.

Still to be determined...
Collect the stuff from hometown (what wouldn't fit in our car this trip; some furniture pieces my grandfather built)
Collect the shipment from Singapore
Collect the furniture from Mississippi (guest bedroom furniture... until then if you come visit us it's BYOB--bring your own bed)
Collect the stuff from South Carolina (some more clothes, books shipped from Singapore, summery shoes shipped from Singapore)

See what I did there? If you go back far enough, you can make a list that's already half crossed out! It makes the next week look slightly less frightening!