Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Homed? Homey? What is the opposite of homeless? Whatever it is, we are it! We have a home! Where we intend to live for at least a year! With all of our things!

(also, lots of exclamation points, apparently)

And for this we are very thankful.

My ridiculous to do list of several weeks ago didn't include "Survive Superstorm" but we did anyway and it only pushed back our move by a little bit. We have been in our home for almost a month now. Here's how it went down:

First... we visited our Boston storage unit. There was some of the inevitable storage unit confusion: What is this? Why did we keep it? For instance, it seems we stored an ironing board, but not an iron?For the most part we did fairly well, though.

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Then Kyle and some friends (thank you!!) transferred all of it into two ReloCubes. They finished just as it started to rain.

Then we flew back to Nashville and "moved" into our new home. Want a quick tour?

 Yay, it's cute!

Not pictured, the master bedroom, which is on the ground floor beyond the kitchen. 

One of our favorite parts: a home for the grill!

Thankfully, the owner left two pieces of deck/patio furniture and two bar stools. Those were our only pieces of furniture for about a week. Several days later, our ReloCubes were delivered. But turns out we don't own much in the way of furniture. (plates--yes. furniture--no.)

Most of this month we've been treading through suitcases and clothes and boxes. As always, Hamish has been rolling with it. (Can you find her?)

A couple of weeks after Boston, we collected our Singapore shipment. And this week we'll be picking up some of my childhood furniture in Mississippi. Once we do that, we'll have a guest bed!

Now, who wants to visit??