Yesterday was Kyle's birthday, so we (Hamish and I) planned a fun birthday outing. We started with presents. Because that's a good way to start a birthday. Hamish could only hold/deliver one, but she did so excellently. "Happy Birthday, Daddy! Take this!"

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Then it was breakfast time! We were off to Pancake Pantry for way more food than was reasonable. But it was also unreasonably good, so it worked out. 

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Hamish was bargaining for some of those pancakes. "Here, Mommy. You can have this pear. I'll have some of those blueberry pancakes, please."

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Poor baby. We are mean, mean parents and ate all the pancakes ourselves.

(Don't feel too bad for her though. She really loved the pear.)

Then we ran some errands (with varying levels of success and annoyance--DMV I am looking at you!), and then it was time for our evening plans.

Kyle told our friend, Grant, that we were doing local things for his birthday, and Grant said, "So you're going to the Bluebird?" Way to ruin the surprise, Grant!

 We had a table for two at an "In the Round" session at the Bluebird Cafe: four artists playing for 2 hours.

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Then it was home to get frozen yogurt with all the toppings the birthday boy could want:

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Happy birthday, love!