In her first year of life, Hamish is the second most-traveled baby we know. (Certainly there are more-traveled babies, but we only know Hannah personally.)

Since leaving Singapore, most of our trips have been road trips in the 5-7 hour range or short flights to Boston. So the trip we just completed was quite a big jump:

5 flights
24 hours on the train
1 ferry
1 rental car
6 different lodging options
4 states
2 conferences
2 colds

It was a full 13 days. And now we're on the flight back, officially out of clean clothes, but otherwise no worse for the wear.

Hamish was awesome. We got some really great time with friends. There was fantastic wine and food and beer and scenery.

We brought our camera, but not a fully-charged battery. But that's not going to keep us from documenting our first real trip since National Day! Phone pics ahead!

As soon as we do some laundry.