When Jamie and David sent us the iron-on monthly labels, I had no idea how much we'd enjoy putting together the monthly infographics. These pictures are the baby book! Of course we only had 12 months of labels, so we let the 13 month mark pass unheralded. But it felt wrong. We're certainly not going to do monthly infographics forever, but Hamish is changing so much right now, we didn't want to miss all of these milestones!

So, on August 13, Kyle whipped out a sharpie. And we have the return of the infographic! I'm not sure what form the pictures will take moving forward, but we're not ready to stop yet.

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If you want to see all the infographics together, click here. This is obviously the same onesie she wore at 11 months, so that's a particularly good comparison. So big now!!!