Ok, a week and a half! Right? In some ways I feel like we would have gotten so much more done by now. But then I guess we're ok. Here's a quick--not even picked up--tour. Sorry guys, it was now or never. I just had to pick up the camera and take some pictures!

Living room! With blinds on the table that are going to need to go back because I bought the wrong size.

View into the dining room. To the right of the door is a potential paint color.

Kitchen with the new fridge!

The area we've discussed before. That little piece won't go there. It's a place holder for figuring out how far out a countertop could come. We've got a favorite idea for this space, I'll write about that in a bit.

The upstairs playroom/guest room/Hamish big girl room. The air mattress is what we slept on our first night here, and now we've just been playing on it.

This was the previous owner's sewing room, now the nursery.

On the other end of the upstairs is our bedroom.

This is the front bedroom downstairs, our office. I don't think I even had a picture of this room before.

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So what have we actually accomplished?
changing all the locks and exterior knobs
wall fishing cable
replacing the broken light fixtures in the half bath
and, my favorite, replacing the faucet in the upstairs bathroom. I hated the other one and this is SO MUCH BETTER.

One quality-of-life step at a time.