Thank you for all of your awesome suggestions on what to do with the kitchen wall. We had a few things in mind, but y'all came up with a lot of great new ideas!

Here are some of the suggestions:
  • Desk/homework center
  • Bar height table as a breakfast area
  • Play kitchen
  • Rip it out and build out a pantry
  • Rip it out and add a doorway
  • Microwave on the shelf, wine rack below
  • Marble-top baking center 
  • Cookbooks on the shelf
  • Child sized table and art area, chalkboard paint on the wall?
Honestly just about everything sounded good! 

We have found in our last several moves that things tend to find their homes over time. We can put stuff away when we unpack, but over a few weeks things migrate to their "real" home. It's so nice when that happens. 

In the two weeks we've lived here, some needs are becoming apparent, and we think things are finding their homes in the kitchen. 

First, for the shelf. Cookbooks for sure! We have lovely shelves in the living room and another set in the office, but those are too far away for cookbooks. We would love to trim that lip off eventually--it's already collecting tools--but the shelf is working well for cookbooks. Yay!

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Ignore the wood putty and sunscreen:

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For under the shelf... We think it's a drink station. Specifically coffee/tea. Y'all, we have a lot of coffee and tea paraphernalia. Our hot water pot, tea pot, French press, actual coffee and tea, sugar, etc. We use all of this daily, and right now it takes up valuable counter space near the sink in more of a food-prep area. So we think this all needs its own little counter area.

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We put a little washstand here to get a feel for height and distance from the wall, but we definitely want something a bit taller, wider, and more built in.

And for under the counter? Kyle is hoping for a beer fridge. Maybe even one that would fit a carboy?

We haven't quite figured out how to make it all work. Buying something that would just slide in would be the quickest and easiest option, but getting the right finishes is going to be a bit of a challenge. I have an idea for that, but it is going to take a bit more effort and time.

But this is the working idea so far.