We didn't only watch balloons in Albuquerque. We also did some hiking and exploring around town. A lot of David and Jamie's favorite parks or monuments were closed thanks to the government shutdown, but a few areas were state run and so were open.

We took a short hike on Monday morning in the Petroglyph National Monument and saw all kinds of rock drawings.

Some of them were identifiable.

Others were not.

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Interestingly, Jamie told us that if you go at different times of day in different light, you see differenty petroglyphs.

Hamish rode in the carrier for the first part of the hike happily.
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But when we walked back to the valley floor, it was all "Down! Down!"
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Elijah and Eva were having a big time exploring too.


David used the time to present his iron clad case for aliens.

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I was almost convinced...