This is a baby-step house, y'all. So please forgive my excitement at the tiny things. We are slowly but surely making changes here. Since we last left you, we have...

Painted the front door!

In the vein of Blue All the Things, I thought a painted front door would add some nice definition to the house, but man, the door did not want to be painted. It rejected both the primer and the paint. But we persevered. Because what else are you going to do with a half-navy door? Short of taking it off the hinges and pouring on the paint stripper (which I really, really wanted to do at one point), you're committed at that point. So many coats later, we have a painted door.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Replaced another toilet!

I know, the excitement. In Singapore it is standard practice to replace the toilets when you move into a new flat. I always thought that was a little silly. Just clean them. Yet here we are, replacing our toilets one by one. The old ones are slow, use way too much water, and are inefficient. The new ones are much better. I was wrong, Singapore. You were right. 

[No pics here. You don't want ones of the old toilet and don't need ones of the new toilet.]

Hung some pictures!

I was holding off on hanging pictures until the walls were painted. It's becoming painfully clear that that isn't going to happen any time soon. So we went ahead and got some things hung.

Lamps for our bedroom!

We need a lot of new lighting. We need lamps in most rooms and I would really, really, like to replace the ceiling lighting in the upstairs hall, the downstairs hall, and the foyer. At least. But for now, we can read in bed. Progress.

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Painted a side table!

Along with many other extremely important things (my high school letter jacket, my trophy for Most Outstanding cheerleader in 1994), Mom and Dad brought a side table I'd had in my room growing up. The last time this table was painted, I was in a crafty mood. I was probably 12 and I think I mixed together all of my little tubes of craft paint into a muddy clay color and painted the table with a plastic craft brush. Lovely. So this one got a good scrubbing, sanding, and coat of glossy white spray paint. I might do something more creative later (probably not), but right now I just wanted it to look clean. It looks much better. Trust me.

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Got a piano!

Nana had my childhood piano delivered a couple of weeks ago. Then I scrubbed it and treated the wood. Now it's so pretty and it finally doesn't smell musty. It needs to be tuned, but we're waiting until it gets acclimated and we paint the dining room. We'll have it tuned once we don't intend to move it again.

[It just looks like a piano, so to close, I'll give you pictures of Hamish and her spoon, with snippets of piano in the background and cottage cheese everywhere.]

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