Back when we lived in Boston and we documented our farm share more closely, I started doing monthly roundups of what we'd eaten/cooked each month. When we moved to Asia, I quit doing it. Then we moved back and... you know. Stuff. But the other day I found myself at Kroger needing to get something for dinner. I was completely out of inspiration. The wind was crazy yesterday, so grilling was out. And somehow nothing looked good.

I was well on my way to a food funk. Kyle can testify to this. I'm hungry, but I'm getting ill with the idea of food. I don't want to pick anything. Just feed me something good.

But then I remembered those posts. A few taps of the phone later, and I had a list of inspiration. It may not be very interesting for the rest of you, I'm sure, but I need to start doing it again. Guaranteed antidote for the food funk.

So let's see what I can remember from somewhat recently...

We've been out a few times. Claire and James joined us at Bricktops for dinner the other night. For Valentine's we had dinner at Blackstone Brewery--the first time we've been there since our rehearsal dinner!

We signed up for a farm share again this summer/fall. We're splitting it with our friends Beth and Kevin this time. This past fall, the full share was just a little bit too much. Too much work, too much food, too many sweet potatoes. So now we'll go every other week and get a box, so we should have lots to play with, but also won't feel as bad when we really want to just go buy asparagus.