The last room upstairs is a little "hobby room" that the previous owner used as a sewing room. It's about 90 square feet (11.5 x 8) and has a window, but no closet.

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When we moved in, I immediately dubbed it the nursery (after all, I don't sew). We put the crib in here, and the changing table, and this was Hamish's sleeping room until she moved into her big girl bed after Paris.

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Once she moved into her big girl room, this sort of stayed part of her "suite". We left the changing table in here, and so used it daily. And we were definitely not taking that crib down in a hurry--it was a pain to set up the first time! When we had visitors, she'd move back into this room on occasion, and slept really well in the crib when needed.

So in having this room painted, we decided to complement its furnishings.

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Tom fixed the drywall issues (again) and added a piece of flat trim around the perimeter of the room. He painted the ceiling/wall/eaves white above, and green below. It's sort of a reverse color scheme from our dining room. We love how the white upper half opens up the space.

We rearranged the furniture a bit, moving the crib and the changing table. We added a rocking chair that has been floating around the house from the beginning--nursery, Hamish's room, living room, guest room, now back to the nursery. And Jennifer loaned us the BEAUTIFUL Beatrix Potter alphabet quilt that she stitched by hand when she was expecting her first baby. We're so honored that she'd let us display it and it works so beautifully with the colors.

Since there is no closet, we moved a dresser from the guest room up here that was part of my bedroom furniture growing up and had been handed down from my aunt.

We lost a little floor space, of course, but gained a lot of storage.

This may be one of my favorite transformations so far. I love the colors and love how the trim works.

In fact, we love the room so much we decided we should move someone into it.

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We're thinking August.